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There are countless reasons to travel Almeria. Visiting the city of Almeria is the first step. You may book your clients into my weekly walking tour individually if they do not make up a group.  Or you might book a day for your group visit.

After this first meeting with Almeria, we can take a long trip within the history, geology, natural parks, dry rivers, mountains and valleys, deserts and oasis.

Please entrust me with your group trip. I will take your clients to see every corner of our province.

I will propose some day trips, but special groups require special trips. It would be a pleasure to organize them.

Get your inspiration.

Day trips for your individual customers/groups

I offer weekly walking tours of Almería with a duration of 2:30 hours, where I include the visit of the Alcazaba, a monument that looks down to the changes in our city along more than one thousand years. The visit in English takes place on Fridays at 10:00 a.m. and you may contact me to book your clients’ visits if they do not make up a group, or you may book a day for your group visit.

But both the city and the province of Almeria offer much more. I propose some group excursions below, but special groups require special programs and excursions – for the best of your customers.

I take care of your clients, I care for your agency.

I take care of your clients in Almeria

Do you need a specialist in tourism to help your clients in Almeria?

I have a degree in Tourism since 1992.

I used to work with incoming agencies (Iberoservice, Barceló, Reise Center, Viajes Rossell, Ultramar Express, Bravo Tours) caring for clients of Alltours, Neckermann/Thomas Cook, My Travel, Airtours, ITS, Clever Tours, Lidl Reisen.

This happened in previous seasons, but I am available to help your customers in their hotel on the Costa de Almeria during the following season for transfers, hotel, airport, welcome and day trips.

Get some inspiration about Almeria for your group trips.

Why Ingrid?

Certified guide of Almería since 1992, accreditation #491 of Junta de Andalucía. After graduating in Tourism at the former Official School of Tourism in Madrid, and after a great year of language experience in the UK, I started working in the fascinating world of tourism.

I started my career as a freelance tourist guide in 1997 and guided the walking tours of Almería, as well as many other weekly tours. During the spring and autumn of several years, I carried out roundtrips in Andalusia in the name of the main tour operators and accompanied groups in Europe for several seasons.

As life changes, I needed to say goodbye to tourism for a while, but now I return to stay. It was during Summer 2019 that I spent a season in tourism and had the opportunity to guide some excursions. I got the bug! I started to prepare the season early in 2020, but the health crisis began and we all had to stay at home. You know how much I wish to go on!

I also guide the visits in Spanish and German, but on different days, allowing each visit to be pleasant and smooth.

I have always been passionate about history and architecture. Both are expressions of a place’s life and receive the influx of climate, geology, water, and many more agents which turn any spot on this Earth into unique places. I would like to introduce you to this place: Almería.

Los Millares

5500 years of history A advanced city of the Copper Age.

A population becomes a society, builds a city to make their living at a strategic place and their tholoi for the afterlife, smelt copper, cooks clay pots and decorates them with charming oculi. They conduct water for the supply of the city and store it.

Los Millares began to be protected and preserved early on and continues to be studied. We will visit the authentic excavation of this town with its four defence rings, on one side; and conveniently apart of the archaeological site, the recreation of the buildings as they were when this ancient people lived and worked in them. We are talking about several millennials, but I prefer our visitors to discover the lives of our ancestors by themselves.

Itinerary: Departure from the hotel by bus, arrival around 10:00 am to the archaeological site and visit, lunch at a local restaurant and visit to a village in the area of Bajo Andarax, return by panoramic road (depending on the departure hotel).

Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park

An arid geopark with an odd nature

Fosil dune of Los Escullos

The Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park is different from any other natural setting, its flora has adapted to extremes of aridity and resists drought with unusual strategies. This complex geopark shows up with unfamiliar forms, materials and colours within just a few kilometres. People also adapted to special conditions. There are lava domes, fossil dunes, mills, cisterns, a botanical garden, white villages, forts and watchtowers, and a sea as clear as crystal.

Itinerary: Departure from the hotel by bus, journey to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Coastal tour with stops o satisfy our curiosity. Depending on what you wish doing (one day or half a day), you may reach the lighthouse, the reefs, the salt evaporation ponds, a neighbourhood with various examples of water architecture, the fossil dune of Los Escullos, crowned by its 18th-century battery, La Isleta del Moro with its beaches and small piers, a botanical garden and diverse items seen along the panoramic tour, such as the gold mines and other artefacts, the landscape and the peculiar flora and landmarks of this natural park.

Almeria (for groups)

Visit of Almería to suit your group

The visit to Almería begins at the Puerta Purchena, an enclave steeped in history that prevents any organized and chronological beginning of the history of Almería, as all the different ages blur our view. Do not worry, this will be fixed with a little time and acclimatization during our walk through the most interesting places of the city. We will visit the Alcazaba, the building that observes the city for more than a thousand years, and we will reel off its various construction phases, each spiced with its events and gossip. We will surround the cathedral (optionally we can visit the interior) and we will stroll through areas of the former Muslim and the bourgeois Almería. After this introduction, I have no doubt your guests will enjoy their free time to become familiar with the variety of tapas offered by the gastronomy of Almeria.

Base itinerary: Puerta Purchena, Plaza Vieja, Alcazaba, a tour of the historic town.

Additional itinerary according to the interest of the group and their physical condition, times and dates: cathedral (entrance fee), Puerta de Almería Interpretation Center, Jairan walls, Cinema Museum (bus tour), or any other point of interest, according to possibilities.

A Western Village and the though desert of Almeria

When the West was wild and the land was dry

WESTERN lovers have their special date in the Tabernas desert. The visit to a Western Town should allow you an immersion in the arid area of the Spanish Southeast, with a brief tour along a dry river, authentic oases in this land of filming. The western village is the location of many well-known movies, not only spaghetti western, also movies with a request of special sceneries.

Itinerary: Departure from the hotel by bus, direction the Desert of Tabernas. We stop in the middle of nowhere to walk along this dry river which surprisingly turns into an oasis, the centre of the life in this arid area. We reach the filming sets. We will see the western show, and probably film our own movie.

Expenses: entrance fee to the film sets and meal, which could be taken in the western village or in a local restaurant nearby.

South of Granada

South of Granada lies the Alpujarra.

AlpujarraA panoramic tour through the south of the Sierra Nevada, with its contrasts, its rugged landscape, the orchards surrounding the white villages and the whitewashed houses attached to the slopes, with a visit to a drying room of ham that takes advantage of the pure and dry air of this biosphere reserve, and a lunch with the typical Alpujarra dish – a classical trip in this area.

Itinerary: we leave the hotel by bus, drive along the south side of Sierra Nevada along the provinces of Almeria and Granada, we stop in some of these villages, we visit a ham dryer and have a typical meal (included or not included, this trip requires a meal)