Alcazaba de Almería

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Almería is a melting pot of cultures. Besides, nature is different, our traditions, the geology and the endless light turn Almeria into a unique place. Not just the big attractions as the Alcazaba, the province is covered by many tiny treasures, waiting for some attention.

Faced with such immense possibilities and due to the lack of predestined routes to find the essence of this land, I propose a starting point to perceive Almería with a chronological perspective and which will help us to piece together the various aspects that make up the city and the province. We frame the city in its context.

After this kickoff, the possibilities are endless and you will wish to set out to discover and perceive the essence of this land.

The Alcazaba itself has seen more than one thousand years of our evolution and those special streets which take us there will tell us stories of the last few centuries and their gossip.

Join me on my weekly walking tour to Almería with its Alcazaba

Because nothing happens by chance, the climate, the light, the flora and fauna, the geology, the people, the traditions, everything is connected.


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Almeria Alcazaba English

Almeria with the Alcazaba (English)

A fortress with more than one thousand years history

It is good to see you in Almeria

I would like to show you the main areas downtown and the fortress, the Alcazaba of Almeria. Let’s see what a visitor of the 11th century spoke:

… Al-Mu’tasin carried out great and beautiful works in the protection of the Alcazaba, in the elevation of its wall and the perfect construction of its fortresses. Among these is the great palace that overlooks Mount Layham on its northern side and, on its southern side, has a beautiful garden in which numerous fruits […] being the length of its surface equal to the width of the Alcazaba […] It is followed by a courtyard, to the south of which there is a portico and over it, there is a balcony which overlooks the entire city of Almería, its sea, the arrival of the ships to the port and the departure [of these] towards the North African shore, and the rest of the territories.

Al Udrí, 11th century

Why Ingrid?

I have been a certified tour guide of Almeria since 1992. I used to guide the visit of Almeria, tours throughout the province and through all of Andalusia. This was my life until it changed… but I am back on track.

I enjoy stones and water and as a combination, I love water architecture. Geology, history, climate, life and arts – everything is related.

If you have no time to visit the town with me, you still may be interested in watching my YouTube videos about places and corners of this province you might not have known about. Or maybe you just need a nice image every day, which I am happy to provide on Instagram.

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My Kingdom for a Camel!

You might also wish to visit a camel farm. It is less than 20 minutes away from the city centre of Almeria. A great adventure for the family! And a lovely visit to the camels. Please have a look at Ursula’s web and call her directly.

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